miscellaneous information

Classes will start on the day September 15, Thursday.

The posting of classes and their schedules it will be done on the 9th of September, Friday, in the students' courtyard, at 6:10.

According to the binding opinion of the Data Protection Commission, students should consult the lists of classes in the students' courtyard.

Attention: No student will be able to purchase the pass and/or meals at the automatic kiosks without the school card.

Os 10th grade students will have a meeting with their Class Director at the September 12th, Monday [ see room ].

In this first meeting, among various subjects of interest to students, cards will be distributed, without which students will not be able to access the school.

the delivery of School Social Action school manuals will take place on a date to be determined.

Necessary documents: 10th grade students – citizen card and 11th and 12th grade students – school card.

student card

The student's card is his ID at school, so he must take care of it, keeping it in good condition.

Whenever requested by professors and/or employees, the student must present it, so he must always have it in his possession. The card is non-transferable. Any breach of the rules will be subject to disciplinary punishment.

The card is used at the entrance to the school, to identify the student, to purchase a school pass and to purchase meals at the automatic kiosks.


ASE Manuals


School Manuals - 11th year (08-09-2022) See  Download

School Manuals - 12th year (08-09-2022) See  Download


DTs who detect students who have difficulties in acquiring textbooks may contact the ASE coordinator in the executive council. The books that become available will be forwarded to these needy students.

ASE books must be returned to the school at the end of the school year, in a condition that they can be reused by future students. When these conditions are not met, students will be subject to a penalty, provided for in the RAM Student Statute.



School pass

Passes are purchased at automatic kiosks, using the school card.

Attention: No student will be able to purchase the pass, at the automatic kiosks, without the school card.

Pass - April 2023 See  Download



Products and meals

The sale of products at stationery stores, bars and vending machines is done in cash.

A full meal served in the canteen costs €2,08, purchased at the automatic kiosks.

Students will be able to use the canteen between 11:45h and 14:00h.

Price table


Menu 20-03 to 24-03 See  Download

Menu 27-03 to 31-03 See  Download




All students who wear glasses and who do not do without them during physical education classes must present a statement from the doctor, proving this need. The statement must be delivered to the student's office and later forwarded to the DT.


Time Bank

We remind you that there is a Banco de Tempo branch at the school, whose main objective is to build more humane and solidary communities.

This community develops various social activities available to the entire educational community.