Citizenship and Development

As part of the Citizenship and Development component project entitled "Health – healthy lifestyles", a group of students from class 10º04 organized a conference on the topic "Addictive behaviors and addictions". This initiative was attended by Dr. Nelson Carvalho, clinical psychologist and director of UCAD – Operational Unit for Intervention in Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies.
During the session, the students who organized the conference posed some questions to the guest speaker, who also encouraged the classes and teachers present to participate actively.
This initiative aimed to raise the awareness of students and create a space for reflection and sharing of experiences and knowledge, in order to demonstrate the possible harm caused by addictive behaviors and dependencies in the body, as well as in family and social environments.

Conference "Addictive behaviors and dependencies"



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We would like to thank the classes and teachers who participated in this initiative, as well as the teachers involved in the project. We express a special thanks to Dr. Nelson Carvalho who, by sharing knowledge and experiences, made this initiative very enriching for teachers and students.