Citizenship and Development

On May 2019, 13, at 30:10 pm, the orientation activity on the theme "Human Rights" took place in Parque de Santa de Catarina. This activity was the culmination of the work carried out in the "Citizenship and Development" project of class 10 of the XNUMXth grade, from the Jaime Moniz Secondary School.

The questionnaire (which included questions in English and answers in Portuguese) used in the initiative was prepared throughout the school year by students in English, Philosophy and Physical Education classes. The collaboration of the RAM Orienteering Association, which lent the necessary equipment to organize this event, should be highlighted.

Guidance activity under the theme "Human rights"



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The students, in pairs and a group of three, took the test using a map, a sheet with the questions and where they recorded the answers as they went through the different points. The students Diogo Silva and Vítor Azevedo were crowned winners for having finished the race with the best time and with all the correct answers.

The students found this initiative very interesting and useful as they were able to combine a playful component with the learning of the contents inherent to the theme chosen by the students «Human Rights» within the scope of the «Citizenship and Development» project.