Elvas and Campo Maior - May 30th to June 2nd, 2019

Last Sunday, the National School Sports Championships, organized jointly by the Directorate-General for Education and the Directorate-General for School Establishments, with the support of the host municipalities and their respective School Groups, ended last Sunday. The opening ceremony took place on the night of May 31, at Coliseu Rondão de Almeida (Multiusos) in Elvas and the competition took place in the swimming pools of the Fonte Nova Sports Complex, in Campo Maior, from May 30 to June 2.

 Jaime Moniz won 6 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals



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About 70 schools and 508 students from all over the country participated in the Swimming modality. The delegation from the Autonomous Region of Madeira was made up of 13 students from the Jaime Moniz Secondary School - 11 swimmers (6 athletes from the CNF, 1 from the CDN, 1 from the CDSR and 1 from the CEOL and 2 non-federated), and 2 referees (Mariana Coelho and Henrique Reis). The students were accompanied by Professor Ana Afonso, supervisor of the Swimming Nucleus of ES Jaime Moniz and by Professor Joana Castro, Swimming Coordinator of the Directorate of School Sports Services of RAM.

The female relay, made up of Marta Sá, Ana Catarina Fernandes, Júlia Ferreira and Ana Margarida Betencourt, was classified in 1st place in the 4x25m Styles (1:00.95) and in 2nd place in the 4x50m Freestyle (2:01.15).

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The men's relay, made up of Rui Fernandes, Tomás Silva, Gonçalo Gomes and Simão Câmara, took 1st place in the 4x50m Freestyle (1:43.57) and 2nd place in the 4x25m Styles (00:52.31).

In terms of individual results, the highlight goes to Tomás Silva, who won all the events he participated: 100m Breaststroke (1:09.02), 200m Breaststroke (2:23.81) and 200m Styles (2:09.33), revalidating his title of National Champion in the 200E, but now in the scope of School Sports, and also for Rui Fernandes, National Champion in the 100m Backstroke (1:00.59) and 200m Backstroke (2:10.14).

 Thomas Silva


 Rui Fernandes



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Also noteworthy for Gonçalo Gomes, National Vice-champion of the 200m Freestyle (2:00.80), Júlia Ferreira, 3rd place in the 200m Styles (2:39.24) and 3rd in the final of the 100m Mariposa (1:11.26), Ana Catarina Fernandes 3rd place in the 200m Breaststroke (2:50.79), Ana Margarida Betencourt, got 6th place in the 100m Styles final (1:20.62), Marta Sá, who got 8th place in the 100m Backstroke final (1:18.94).

Good results also for Francisca Fernandes in the 50m Mariposa (00:40.58) and in the 50m freestyle (00:35.54), Clara Neves in the 50m freestyle (00:34.62) and in the 50m freestyle (00:44.06) and Clara Henriques in the 50m freestyle (00:35.90) 50:00) ​​and in the 00m Breaststroke (49.88:XNUMX:XNUMX).

Finally, it is worth noting the exemplary behavior of ES Jaime Moniz students and the spirit of mutual help and team, in an environment of conviviality, relaxation and joy, without neglecting the concentration and excellent commitment of our athletes during competitions.