Planting action in the Montado do Pereiro

The "Plantar o Futuro" project aims at forest recovery and the respective biodiversity in areas affected by fires and the expansion of the native forest area; increasing knowledge, awareness and consequent individual accountability in terms of safeguarding RAM's Natural Heritage and strengthening the active citizenship movement.

Planting the Future in the Montado do Pereiro




At the plantation site, technicians from the Regional Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change (SRAAC) gave a brief explanation about the planting of small trees and their protection by a net, warning of the replacement of dry plants with new plants. and distributed species endemic to Madeira (the python, the uveira and the beech-tree) and an endemic subspecies, the heather-das-vassouras.

Class 10 04




This initiative made us aware of the need to preserve our forest, the Laurissilva, a renewable natural resource that we must cherish and care for for the benefit of future generations.

This resource is very important to us, both on an environmental, economic and social level, contributing to the quality of life of citizens.

Despite the drizzle, we really enjoyed experiencing the work of those who take care of our landscapes, as it awakened in us an incredible feeling of enormous gratitude. We would therefore like to thank those people who, with their hard and constant work, make our forest landscapes a natural heritage that we should be proud of.