With the name Creavolution, it brought together, for about 18 months, the work of hundreds of people, from educators, teachers, scientists, artists, editors and, mainly, students of different ages and educational levels.

Number created by Lyceum students



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Global Science Opera

This year's video

According to coordinator Janne Robberstad, Associate Professor at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, this year 34 groups from more than a dozen countries participated.


Research and planning work: Teachers and students involved

Music: creation-song

Petra Gonçalves (12th 08th), Renata Luis (12th 10th), Maria Sousa (12th 08th), Leonor Oliveira (12th 09th), Sandra Cró (11th 20th), Eva Martins (11th 8th), Marco Ribeiro ( Teacher)

Carlota Dias (11th 8th), Eva Martins (11th 8th), Sara Silva (11th 8th), Esmeralda Freitas (11th 8th), Carolina Andrade (11th 6th), Beatriz Andrade (11th 3rd); Maria Hurtado (11th 3); Lara Pereira (11th 3rd), Maria Castro (11th 40th); Ana Carolina Freitas (CEF 61)

Image collection and video editing:
Beatriz Cassani (11th3), Carina Rodrigues (11th3), Cláudia Pereira (11th3), Diogo Fernandes (11th3) Eva Reynolds (11th3), António Freitas (teacher)

Teachers involved:
António Freitas, Cecília Ferreira, Conceição Campanário, Elisabete Chaves, Fernanda Freitas, Lídia Lira, Marco Ribeiro, Teresa Visinho Collaboration: Katherine Silva (11º3), Emília Rebolo (12º44), Mariana Dionísio (12º8), Ricardo Abreu (teacher)