Celebration of the European Day of Languages ​​(26-09-2017)

The Jaime Moniz school follows the European initiative “Celebration of the European Day of Languages”. At this school, students can attend – depending on the respective courses and options – one or two foreign languages, within the scope of a diverse linguistic offer: French, German and English.

According to the Council of Europe, which established this day in 2001, this year is mainly dedicated to “innovation in the learning and teaching of languages” and, from a broader perspective, the main objective is the celebration of the cultural diversity that cohabits in the vast group of nations that make up the European Union.

Some of the students of the 12th 41 prepared a special message for this day that is celebrated today.

Special message for the European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages




With a very plural and dynamic set of initiatives that disseminates information through the hashtags #coeEDL2017 and #EDLrecord, the 26th of September of each year recalls the meaning of respect for diversity and the much-desired project of an interculturality (still in process) .

Other activities carried out by 12th grade students 41

European Day of Languages


Infecting young people to the strength that constitutes a Europe that takes place through different languages ​​and cultures is a task for all those who dedicate themselves to Education, whatever the scientific field.

We therefore invite each reader of this page to share this message, with a smile, in any of the 7000 languages ​​spoken on this planet.

the teacher,
Ana Maria Kauppila