Jaime Moniz Secondary School Anthem


Lyrics of the Lyceum/Secondary School Jaime Moniz

From afar in History since Ancient Greece

Comes your memory and the name Lyceum

From our grandparents you were the friendly school

Never forget who knew you.


One day someone passed by

Young dreamer, it was Jaime Moniz

That when leaving the name, he also wished

How do we now come to be happy.


As much as it is said that school is a "tiredness"

That not everything goes as we want,

She is actually always a space

Where we are free, free to learn.


old Lyceum,

School of Jaime Moniz,

Everyday fight



They are in the account, in the account of living.


Where the future is present

In this strength that you feel

To want and to know.




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