Celebration of the 181 years of the Jaime Moniz Secondary School.

The visit of the President of the Republic to the "Liceu" took place today (02-11-2018). Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa returned to the benches of the first national high school to honor the 181-year history of this secondary education institution.

Liceu receives the title of Honorary Member of the Order of Public Instruction.

181 years


181 years


Farewell to Marcelo with signing of the Book of Honor

181 years


Marcelo talks to Lyceum students

181 years


President of the Republic received in euphoria upon arrival at the Lyceum

181 years


Commemoration of the 180th anniversary of the Jaime Moniz Secondary School


Diário de Notícias

180 years


Funchal Notícias

180 years


Madeira newspaper

180 years



180 years



10:30 am: Welcome reception

Welcome reception for the Representative of the Republic, the President of the Regional Government and other entities, followed by the unveiling of a plaque alluding to the commemorations.

Symbolic act commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1967-1968 school year.

11:00: Inauguration of the Museum Center

Inauguration of the School Museum Nucleus “O Lyceu”.

11:30: Solemn session

Solemn session, with the interpretation of the Hymns by the ESJM Choir and by former students of the School.

Projection of a short video about the history of Liceu/ESJM, followed by a musical moment presented by artists of local and national renown, former students of the Liceu.

Delivery of Certificates of Honor to former students, figures of regional and national reference, followed by speeches by Jorge Moreira, Miguel Albuquerque and Ireneu Barreto.

12:30: Cocktail party

Fraternization cocktail between the entities and the school community.