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XXXII Carlos Varela Regional School Theater Festival - March 4th to 8th
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Portrait photography exhibition at Largo do Museu da ESJM
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Ágora Magazine XIV 27
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General information for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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Information about National Exams 2024.

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Registration for modules not taken or not completed - March special season


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New information about school passes.


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List of adopted School Manuals.


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List of Classes and respective schedules.


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“In the Time of Absolutism – with D. João V and José Saramago”

“In the Time of Absolutism – with D. João V and José Saramago”

The Tell Me Stories Project will promote another historical recreation activity during this school year. It will take place in the second period, on March 20, 2024…

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20 March 2024
XXXII Carlos Varela Regional School Theater Festival

XXXII Carlos Varela Regional School Theater Festival

The traditional Carlos Varela Regional School Theater Festival, which this year will take place in the week of March 4th to 8th, has sought, for 32 years, to train audiences, create self-confident citizens...

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04 March 2024

"I'm proud to be a student at our school"

Leonor Nunes, a student distinguished for her grades obtained in the 12th year, was present at the ceremony and read a text of her own, entitled “Pride of Our School”, sharing the unforgettable experience of having entered in 2020 and left in 2023 with a rich personal collection of memories and learning. In a creative and heartfelt way, the now university law student drew up a mental itinerary of a common day of classes at the “Liceu”, which we are proud to share…Read more

"O Lyceu" Museum Center - Pieces with history - The school doctor

February 11th marks World Day of the Sick. Taking this date into account, the Museum Center presents a kit with medical diagnostic instruments, from the English brand Gowllands, from the former medical office of the Liceu Jaime Moniz. This case contains an otoscope and an ophthalmoscope, which were used by the school doctor to diagnose hearing and vision problems in students…Read more