Nelson Carvalho educates young people on preventing the consumption of psychoactive substances

 The “Health Team” project promoted today (20/11/2023), in the conference room of Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz, one of four awareness sessions, called “Prevention of the consumption of Psychoactive substances”, aimed at the educational community and mainly to students. The Sessions are led by Nelson Carvalho, clinical psychologist from the Operational Unit for Intervention in Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies (UCAD). 

The students listened to Nelson Carvalho's comments and were informed about the risks of addiction, the prevention that requires increasing investment and the need to choose healthy lifestyles.

These sessions aim to prevent young people from the risk of consuming psychoactive substances; provide individuals and/or specific groups with information and skills necessary to deal with the risk associated with the consumption of psychoactive substances and other risky behaviors and know strategies for preventing the consumption of illicit and legal psychoactive substances. 

Knowing that one of the prevention strategies is raising awareness about the harmful effects of psychoactive substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs, these sessions aim to provide information about the damage they can cause to the body and mind, as well as their consequences on society and family life. Another strategy is to work on building life skills and self-control. This involves helping young people develop skills to deal with stress, peer pressure and everyday challenges, in a healthy way and without resorting to the use of any substances. Learn to say no and have assertive behavior, without feeling guilty for not pleasing/agreeing or following the other person's bandwagon.