Scientific Exploration at Jaime Moniz Secondary School: Practical Activities “Playing with Physics and Chemistry”

On November 18th, at 10am, students from Escola dos Louros, Edifício São Filipe, enthusiastically participated in activities promoted by the Physics and Chemistry Experimental Sciences Club. Under the title “Playing with Physics and Chemistry”, the actions took place on the third floor, close to the laboratories dedicated to both disciplines.

This successful initiative aimed to awaken interest in Science, stimulate scientific curiosity and provide stimulating challenges to young participants. The activity provided a practical and interactive experience, enriching learning beyond the traditional classroom environment.

The event, included in the Experimental Sciences Club's calendar of activities, was a unique opportunity for students to explore fundamental concepts of Physics and Chemistry in an engaging and practical way.

The enthusiastic participation of students and the success of the activity reinforce the importance of initiatives that make learning more dynamic and accessible. Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz continues to stand out by providing events that not only enrich students' knowledge, but also motivate them to explore new scientific horizons.