Theater Group “O MONIZ” was in Leiria

The Theater Club “O Moniz – Carlos Varela”, from Escola Secundária de Jaime Moniz participated this weekend, November 18th and 19th, in the PANOS Workshop, coordinated by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, in partnership with Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, in Leiria, where work sessions were held in just two days.

The 11th year student and member of the Theater Club, Vítor Rodrigues, as well as the coordinating teacher of the O Moniz – Carlos Varela project, Vanda Caixas, were part of the list of participants at national level.

At PANOS, the workshop on the text Piripiri Extra Forte by Ana Pessoa, selected for the performing and performing arts project of the 2023/2024 academic year of the Clube de Teatro O Moniz – Carlos Varela, was attended and guided by the author and was coordinated by professional actress Carla Galvão.

Participation in the PANOS Workshop was mandatory, regulated by Teatro D. Maria II, to maintain registration in the national Festival, aimed at theater groups from schools and associations throughout the national territory.

PANOS is an annual festival recognizing youth theater in Portugal that takes place at different times and initiatives, culminating in the selection, by the PANOS jury team, of just six groups, taking into account the criteria set out in the Regulations, with the aim of present their projects in May 2024.