Global Science Opera 2023 Premiere – Unfold the Universe

On November 20th, at 13.00 pm, Portuguese time, the online premiere of “Unfold the Universe”, the ninth opera of the international project Global Science Opera, took place.

This educational STEAM opera is inspired by data and images from the James Webb Telescope and was made in collaboration with NASA. Thirty-one groups and schools from seventeen countries shared their scientific understanding of astronomy through artistic creations of song, music, dance, acting and eco-art. The 20th of November was chosen for the premiere, as it is the day recognized by the UN as World Children's Day, as it is the date on which the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child was approved in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of Children. Child, in 1989.

The link from which it was possible to watch the premiere, and which will remain free for all interested parties, is:

Video of the work of Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz

Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz embraced, for the third consecutive year, the challenge of participating in this initiative whose objectives were:

  • Promote creative collaboration between sciences and arts;
  • Enrich knowledge about Astronomy
  • Discover the images obtained by the James Webb telescope
  • Stimulate curiosity and scientific thinking.
  • Create an artistic performance with students

The work team included the Physics and Chemistry Experimental Sciences Club, the Project “The Madeiran guitar and chordophones, teachers from the Biology and Geology disciplinary group and 11th and 12th year students. A dramatization was created that will be part of this collaborative opera. The official song for this work featured the voices of students from our school.

Technical form of the participation of Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz

Research work and script writing: Students and teachers involved


Interpretation: Beatriz Franco, Francisca Madeira, João Francisco Caires, Rosário Pestana, Tatiana Faria

Song: Francisca Madeira, Laura Silva, Rosário Pestana

Professors: António Freitas, Cecília Ferreira, Conceição Campanário, Elisabete Chaves, Fernanda Freitas, Lídia Lira, Marco Ribeiro, Teresa Visinho

Filming, mixing and video editing: António Freitas