Memorable day for “Liceu” finalists with the innovation of two godparents

The finalists from Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz received star honors today with the traditional Bênção das Capas ceremony, which attracted the participation of around seven hundred students.

Every year, on November 30th, magic happens with young students in the 12th year of school, dressed up, in black suits and capes, to always update a centuries-old tradition, highly valued by the “Liceu” institution, by the students' families and the community in general.

This year, all the beauty of the party included an innovative detail, a best man and a godmother brightening the event, Bruno Melim and Filipa Gomes respectively. For the first time, the finalists wanted to combine tradition with innovation – the motto, in fact, of the institution – and invited two godparents to this great celebration. The president of the ESJM executive board, Ana Isabel Freitas, and her team did the honors of the house, as did the president of the finalists committee, Diogo Pérnia.

The event was attended by Jorge Carvalho, Regional Secretary for Education, Science and Technology, but who joined the finalists today as the father of a young girl who was also a finalist.

A pair of godparents led the young people to Funchal Cathedral, ignoring the raindrops that stubbornly threatened to fall, without tarnishing an unforgettable day for young people and families. At 15 pm, the liturgical celebration of Bênção das Capas began, presided over by Dom Nuno Brás, who made an appeal to young people to experience the faith, on a memorable day, as well as respect for the fundamental values ​​of Christian doctrine.

Today started very early for the students and families who did their best to dress up, despite the unwelcome threat of rain. At 13pm, a crowd of boys and girls captured the moments with photos and selfies.

At 14 pm, the always beautiful “Liceu” procession paraded to the Cathedral before the eyes of the community, already accustomed to this tradition that is always very cherished by everyone.

After the religious ceremony, the party promises to be long and lively, with the unmissable prom.

It is worth remembering that Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz was a pioneer in this tradition of the Bênção das Capas, and the example was later followed by other secondary education establishments. By order of 09/12/1889, the Ministry of the Kingdom, through the General Directorate of Public Instruction, established the optional use of the cape and cassock for “Lyceum” students. Since then, every year, the Bênção das Capas has had profound meaning for the institution, finalists and families. It should also be said that it is a typically Madeiran tradition, which does not occur on the mainland.