General information


11th and 12th years

SCHOOL YEAR 2023/2024

1.Registration for secondary education tests and exams, whatever the purpose for which they are intended (passing a subject, entrance test or improving the final classification of the subject whose result is relevant only for the purposes of access to higher education) is carried out. within the following deadlines:

  • 1st phase – February 26th to March 08th;
  • 2nd phase – July 15th to 16th.

2. With the exception of students retained due to absences, all students must enroll in the 1st phase.

3. Students who wish to take exams or tests in the 2nd phase must register.

4. The registration process for tests and exams is carried out through the PIEPE platform, available at:
Consult the supporting documents:
Standard 01/JNE/2024
FAQ'S PIEPE – Registration

5. To apply for higher education, students who do not intend to take exams in the current academic year must register with PIEPE, filling in only the field “Request for ENES Form, for the purpose of issuing said form.

6. Students who wish to apply for public higher education must request a password to access the application system online of the General Directorate of Higher Education (DGES) and, when registering for national final exams or when requesting an ENES Form, they must insert the receipt for the password assignment request into PIEPE.

Calendar of National Secondary Education Examinations 2024

General Exam Guide 2024

Normative Order No. 4/2024 – Exam Regulations 2023/2024

IAVE Information – Tests for the 2024 national exams

The student card is your identification at school, so you must take care of it, keeping it in good condition.
Whenever requested by professors and/or employees, the student must present it, so he must always have it in his possession. The card is non-transferable. Any breach of the rules will be subject to disciplinary punishment.
The card is used at the entrance to the school, to identify the student, to purchase a school pass and to purchase meals at the automatic kiosks.



Following the publication of Ordinance no. 1110/2023, of December 20th of the Regional Secretariats for Finance and Equipment and Infrastructure, which regulates the tariff applicable to regular urban and interurban public transport routes in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which provides for the free do Pass Social 4_23, in regular concessioned careers, for students enrolled in educational establishments in RAM, up to the age of 23, In fact, from January 2024 onwards, we inform that students must proceed in the following ways and according to their situation.


In Companies - SAM / Southwest / Opening Hours do Funchal e TIIM 

  • The pass is validated for all students using these companies. 

In company EACL 

  • The students which not purchased o pass in the month de December/2023 must pick up the attendance statement from the student's office and deliver it to the company EACL. Os remaining students have the pass validated.


In Companies - SAM / Southwest / EACL 

  • They must fill out the form to issue the card at the student's office; 
  • They must collect the “Declaration of Attendance” at the student’s office; 
  • Go to the company to deliver these documents, pay €5 (card issuance) and 1 photo. 

In companies - Opening Hours do Funchal e TIIM 

  • They must collect the “Declaration of Attendance” at the student’s office; 
  • Go to the company to deliver this document, pay €5 (card issuance) and 1 photo.

Student office opening hours for the next few days: 

  • 27, 28/dez - 09:30 am / 13:00 pm and 14:00 pm / 16:30 pm 
  • 29/dez – 9:30 am / 12:30 pm 
  • From day 3/01/2024 – 9:30 am / 13:00 pm and 14:00 pm / 16:30 pm

Class Directors' opening hours

A full meal served in the canteen costs €2,08, purchased at the automatic kiosks.
Students will be able to use the canteen between 11:45h and 14:00h.

Canteen Information – Meal Price List:

Meals can be purchased, without penalty, up until the day before the user intends to have lunch.
Meals booked on the same day, before 10:00 am, have an increase of €0.62 to the cost of the meal.
Meals can be canceled up to 10:00 on the day of the meal, at no extra cost

In order to comply with the regulations regarding the use of lockers, the Executive Council informs:

  1. The renewal or return of lockers must be done, without fail, by the last day of classes, June 14, 2023.
    1.1 The lockers to be returned must be completely empty and in good condition;
    1.2 Prompt return allows the School to make lockers available to other students who need them;
    1.3 Students interested in renewing their locker rental for the next academic year must express this intention, at the Student Office, by paying for the renewal, by June 14, 2023;
    1.4 It is important to highlight that failure to renew the rental or failure to return the locker will result in administrative measures,
    namely that announced in point 1.5.
    1.5 From July 4, 2023, lockers that have not been renewed or returned will be opened and stripped of all material they contain.
  2. For students who wish to rent a locker for the first time, they must go to the Student Office, from October 02nd, 2023, in order to register.
Professional Courses and Education and Training Courses
Registration for Modules Not Completed/Completed – Special season in March

Registration for Unfulfilled/Completed Modules/UFCD will take place between the February 19th and March 8th. This deadline must be strictly adhered to.

Registration will be done online, at website of the School at:

The cost of registration for each module/ UFCD will be three euros (€3). Payment will be made at the student's office, between the days March 11th and 12th. Registration will only be validated after payment.

 The exams will take place between the days March 18th and 22th. The calendar will be published on website from school.

Digital Manuals is a project of the Regional Secretariat for Education, Science and Technology of Madeira undertaken by all public schools in the Region and aims to make a profound change in the way the classroom operates, through the introduction of new work methodologies that simultaneously allow flexibility curriculum, the principle of inclusive education and pedagogical differentiation.

The project provides students with:

  • Chromebook;
  • Access to the Virtual School and Digital Educational Resources;
  • Security system.

Digital Manuals Project Regulation

The coordinators of the Digital Manuals project are available to answer questions about the use of learning platforms and resolve problems with the equipment distributed to students every week, at Ação Social Escolar, 1st Floor, next to the Students' Bar, at the following times:

  • Tuesdays from 11:25 am to 12:10 pm (Prof. Duarte Nóbrega);
  • Wednesdays from 13:15 pm to 14:00 pm (Prof. Edgar Corriça);
  • Thursdays from 16:40 pm to 17:25 pm (Prof. Duarte Nóbrega);
  • Fridays from 08:00 am to 08:45 am (Prof. Edgar Corriça).